Friction Folders for sale

Friction Folders are UK legal non locking knives

Lee Lerman Custom Knives Friction Folder for sale #1 Titanium

This is THE perfect Gentleman Folder. This friction folder is legal in the UK and almost anywhere else too.


This piece is from Lee’s third generation of friction folders. That’s the first one which features a Detent Ball to help keep the blade secure in open and closed position.

I am the first owner and got the friction folder from Lee himself.

Knife maker:

Country of origin:

Technical Data:

  • Blade length: 7,2 cm / 2.83 inch
  • Blade thickness: 2,5 mm / ~0,1 inch
  • Length overall: 16,2 cm / 6,38 inch
  • Steel: CPM-D2
  • Handle: Titanium (orange peel)
  • Liner: Titanium (blue anodised)
  • Screws/Axis: Titanium (blue anodised)
  • Tang-Inlay: Titanium (blue anodised)

comes with:


  • The knife is brand new, I neither carried nor used this friction folder. I am the first owner and got it directly from Lee Lerman himself.

For sale:

This friction folder is for sale as I am selling my entire collection .


Just go ahead and contact me now for further details.

Let’s talk about it! 🙂

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Private Sale. No warranty. Worldwide shipping from Europe.

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