Friction Folders for sale

Friction Folders are UK legal non locking knives

North Side Knife Pocket Cleaver Friction Folder for sale


“Spacy designs” is a way to describe what Erik of North Side Knife builds.

This is a friction folder, built like a tank, designed like a butcher’s meat cleaver and on top of that a pocket clip. That’s the Pocket Cleaver.

That may be a bit crazy but it looks damn cool. 😉

In short: Brute appearance, brilliant hand-held ergonomics.

Knife maker:

Country of origin:

Technical Data:

  • Blade length: ~7 cm / ~2.76 inches
  • Blade thickness: ~5 mm / ~0.2 inches
  • Length overall: 17.3 cm / 6.81 inches
  • Steel: A2 (not stainless)
  • Blade coating: Oxid coating black
  • Handle: G10 OD green

Special Feature:


  • The knife is new, not carried, never used. I am the first owner and received the friction folder from North Side Knife directly.

For sale:

This friction folder is for sale as I am selling my entire collection .


Just go ahead and contact me now for further details.

Let’s talk about it! 🙂

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Private Sale. No warranty. Worldwide shipping from Europe.

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